Hi, I'm Christine Pope

I'm an experienced Naturopath and Nutritionist based at Elemental Health in St Ives, NSW. Over the last decade I have been researching and training in how to age well and I've discovered that there are key areas that you need to address in order to age outrageously well. Subsequently my focus in clinic and with clients has shifted to focus on healthy ageing and reducing the impact of chronic disease.

Healthy ageing - with MORE FUN and LESS FATIGUE - is what I am most passionate about. Which is exactly why I created this course.


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In my Ageing Outrageously program you can learn how to implement the strategies you learn in the Better Brain Health webinar. Take your knowledge of the four foods you should be including in your diet and learn how to use them to balance your blood sugar and reduce inflammation in your body (and your brain). Learn how to increase vegetables in your diet with simple strategies and benefit from two full weeks of meal plans with over 39 recipes plus 5 great ideas for smoothies.

Each of the strategies included in the webinar is comprehensively explored in the Ageing Outrageously program so that you can understand why you are making the changes and how you can incorporate those changes in your life more easily. Find out the three benefits of movement for your brain and what types of movement will support your current health and keep you brain active for many years to come.

The Ageing Outrageously Program also gives you in depth information about useful supplements and how to manage those supplements if you are also taking medications.

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