Getting older is a mixed blessing. You have the benefit of experience and wisdom but you also face changes in your energy levels, attract a few more aches and pains, and health issues seem to be occurring more frequently.

Old used to be 50 - now its 80.

We are in these bodies for a lot longer so we have to do what we can to keep both our mind and body young.


Depending on what you have been doing over the previous 20 – 30 years you may be ageing well but for many people you are starting to notice that your health is not what it once was and your GP may be unhappy with your blood sugar or cholesterol levels. You may be unhappy about the extra weight around your middle or an inability to tolerate foods you have always eaten.



Isn’t it time to invest in your health so that you can really enjoy everything
you have worked so hard for?

Christine Pope Nutritionist

“All the sessions were very interesting and very informative. I’ve already started putting your recommendations and directions to work.
My tummy now works well and is more comfortable.”

CHRISTINE POPE - 700 Ageing Outrageously Program AUD 249.00 (including 10% GST)

“I really enjoyed your video and presentation on gut health, also enjoyed the handouts. After last week’s zoom session and your calculations on protein intake, I
was shocked to learn that my protein intake needs much more improvement! ”

Topics covered in this course include... 

Assessing Your Health using questionnaires to track and monitor your progress

Balancing Blood Sugar with a meal plan with recipes that are easy to cook and delicious

Gut & Digestion with simple ways to get your bowels moving effectively

Brain Health including the latest tips on reducing your risk of Alzheimers

Toxicity & Detox supporting your body to detox effectively and removing common toxins from the home

Movement with an easy guide to getting moving with Chair Yoga or Pilates.

Medications & Supplements stop self prescribing and actually understand what you can take safely with medications

Recipes & Resources 26 easy meals and sides plus some great smoothie options

Hi, I'm Christine Pope

I'm an experienced Naturopath and Nutritionist based at Elemental Health in St Ives, NSW. Over the last decade I have been researching and training in how to age well and I've discovered that there are key areas that you need to address in order to age outrageously well. Subsequently my focus in clinic and with clients has shifted to focus on healthy ageing and reducing the impact of chronic disease.

Healthy ageing - with MORE FUN and LESS FATIGUE - is what I am most passionate about. Which is exactly why I created this course.

It's a course that enables me to educate and help more people over 50 to feel well as they age, and it enables you to learn holistic strategies to start feeling well inside and out from TODAY!

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It's not outrageous to think that we can live a longer, fuller, funner life without starving yourself or becoming a marathon runner.

But HOW?

There is so much new advice and science it's almost impossible for you to work out on your own what to do that will result in big improvements. 

So in this easy to understand and simple to implement program I guide you through latest research and strategies (that actually work!) to assist you with:

    • Supporting your brain to maintain focus and concentration.
    • Balancing your blood sugar to maintain good quality energy.
    • Effectively supporting your body to detoxify.
    • Supporting you with an extensive collection of resources, recipes, pilates and yoga sessions and meditations.
  • Improving your gut and digestion to ensure you are absorbing as many nutrients as possible.
  • Reducing your exposure to everyday toxins on an ongoing basis.
  • Eating nutrient dense food to nourish your cells.
  • Working with a small group of like minded people on your health

This course gives you common sense tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle everyday that together make big changes over a long life. 

Christine Pope Nutritionist

“I have seen Christine as a practitioner for a number of years. The Ageing Outrageously program was still really worthwhile and after following the recommendations my sleep has improved as well.”

Christine Pope Nutritionist

“I highly recommend Christine's workshops. Great research and information combined with such a quality presentation.”


Inside this program you will be supported by realistic and practical strategies to ensure that you can make sustainable changes. These will include resources such as:

Eight recorded webinars which explain explain each of the 8 key modules and what changes you need to make. 

Two Meal plans with over 25 recipes that are simple to prepare, tasty and nourishing plus five delicious smoothie ideas.

Access to 30 days of meditations with ten or twenty minute options.

An easy chair yoga session  and 4 tailored Pilates sessions to enable you to try different types of stretching and movement.

Ways to measure, monitor and celebrate your progress.

The ability to ask questions and get a response in a way you can understand and implement in the private facebook group

Ageing Outrageously

8 week online program


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So is this DIY Course right for you?

This course is designed for outrageous Women and Men over 50 who... 

  • are concerned about the impact of ageing on their health;
  • want to feel healthier and have more vitality;
  • may have a family history of dementia, cognitive impairment, heart health issues;
  • ready and willing to make reasonable changes to improve their health, energy and longevity now.

This course is not right for you if... 

  • you have serious medical condition requiring a specialist nutrition program - please contact me and consult your specialist before commencing this course;
  • you know you need 1:1 support and accountability to take the action needed to make health changes.


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By the end of this 8 week course you will know:

  • How and what to eat to balance your blood sugar and improve your health.
  • Which strategies to use to improve your gut health and reduce your need for medications.
  • What supplements you can safely take with medications and when you need to exercise caution.
  • Which foods support optimal gut health and digestion.
  • The benefits of exercise and how particular exercises improve your health.
  • A process to introduce changes and then assess the benefits for your health.

If you are unsure if this course is right for you, please contact me to discuss before enrolling.