Webinar: Managing Chronic Pain   




Learn how to effectively manage chronic pain so you can get back to doing what you love!

This two part webinar will cover:

  • What chronic pain is and the key risk factors.
  • The latest research on treatment options.
  • Diets and foods that assist with reducing pain.
  • The value of exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy and bodywork support.
  • Which bodywork therapy would work best for you.
  • How you can manage chronic pain more effectively.

"Thank you for your webinars this year.
I found them very interesting and beneficial for my health."

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Two part webinar series:

Managing Chronic Pain    


Cost: $79

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Webinar Host: Christine Pope

Christine is a Sydney-based Nutritionist passionate about helping people age outrageously and restore wellbeing if they are living with a chronic illness.

She's been a practitioner for over 20 years, spending many years researching and training in the field of healthy ageing. 

In this webinar Christine will be covering the important elements you need to know to effectively manage chronic pain.

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