Before you go... Let me introduce myself...

Hi! I’m Christine Pope an experienced Naturopath and Nutritionist.

Over the last decade I have been researching and training in how to age well and I've discovered that there are key areas that you need to address in order to age outrageously well. Subsequently my focus in clinic and with clients has shifted to focus on healthy ageing and reducing the impact of chronic disease.

Healthy ageing - with MORE FUN and LESS FATIGUE - is what I am most passionate about. Which is exactly why I created my 8 week online program: Ageing Outrageously.

It's a course that enables me to educate and help more people over 50 to feel well as they age, and it enables you to learn holistic strategies to start feeling well inside and out from TODAY!

Ageing Outrageously THE online health program for over 50s

Eight weekly trainings covering everything you need.

  • Support your brain to maintain focus and concentration.
  • Balance your blood sugar to maintain good quality energy.
  • Effectively supporting your body to detoxify.
  • Support you with an extensive collection of resources, recipes, pilates and yoga sessions and meditations
  • Improve your gut and digestion to ensure you are absorbing as many nutrients as possible.
  • Reduce your exposure to everyday toxins on an ongoing basis.
  • Eat nutrient dense food to nourish your cells.
  • Work with a small group of like minded people on your health









Christine Pope Nutritionist

“This was very useful, practical and easy to understand and implement. It helped me reassess where I'm currently at with my health and think about where I want to be as I age. I'm feeling motivated to make the changes I need to and implementing some of the content already! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.”

Ageing Outrageously Participant